DoorBird Intercoms are a combination of exclusive design with the most innovative IP technology in the field of door communication. Doorbird Intercom products are made from corrosion-resistant precious metals and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. The design is pure, straightforward and smooth.

Due to the consistent development and application of IP technology DoorBird products are top notch in the industry. In terms of quality, speed of push messages, voice and video, DoorBird IP Video door stations are the leader when it comes to innovative technology and design. Because of our specially developed encoding, packaging and transport technology, only 450 KBit/sec are needed for an excellent audio and video quality. DoorBird works reliably even if your smart device has only moderate internet connection.

DoorBird App

  • Mobile access to all DoorBird products
  • Quick and easy installation via QR code scan
  • Available free of charge for up to 8 smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)

See, hear and speak with visitors with Doorbird Intercoms

  • Live HD video with day and night vision
  • Zoom function
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Hands-free function
  • Available worldwide – at home and while you are away

Select which door to unlock

  • Control doors and gates
  • Access smart locks
  • Activate relays, e.g. light and alarm systems
  • Bank-level encryption

Detailed visitor history with Doorbird Intercoms

  • Up to 50 images (visitors and motion events)
  • Timeline with date and time
  • Download events to your smartphone and tablet
  • Optional video recording via Cloud-Recording Pro

Push notifications

  • Get instant alerts when the doorbell rings
  • Know when someone approaches your door
  • See when geofencing is activated
  • More than 50 ringtones available

Security and administration

  • Doorbird Intercoms are Configurable anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Secured access with password, Touch ID or Face ID
  • User and access management
  • Set up relays, schedules and action plans
  • Manage RFID transponders
  • Configure HTTP requests to control home automation
  • … and many other settings
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