Sometimes running or replacing cables is not cost effective or feasible especially in older apartment buildings. Wi-Fi intercoms are the best solution in such circumstances . They are an ideal retrofit solution for Heritage Buildings, Remote sites and installations where cabling is not feasible or too expensive to install.

There are two major benefits of a wireless intercom system over a traditional wired intercom. The first is that installation is much easier since no wires have to be run between intercom units. The second is that you can easily move the units any time. With a wireless intercom system, you can be up and running minutes after you take them out of the box and power them up.

Wi-Fi Intercoms are of two types

  1. Short Range Wireless Intercom Systems –  These Intercoms come with an integrated Wi-Fi module allowing them to connect with the home network without cables.These models are easier to install since the wireless capabilities are built inside the unit, however they have a limited range because of the solid wall on which they are installed will come between the intercom and WI-Fi network. Effective range of these units would be around 15-25 meters.
  2. Long Range Wireless Intercom Systems –  Here wired SIP Intercoms are Wi-Fi enabled by connecting a Point to Point Wireless Bridge. The bridge works as virtual ethernet cable,thereby enabling any wired device like intercoms or ip cameras to work without cable connection. Since the Wi-Fi component is connected externally to these intercoms, the effective range can be enhanced by using powerful Wi-Fi bridge models. These systems are recommended when the distance between the intercom and Wi-Fi network exceeds 30 meters and above. Long range wireless intercom systems are ideal for individuals who live in the country or own large properties. We can Wi-Fi enable any intercom model on this website if required, please contact us.

With technology continuing to evolve, wireless intercoms are becoming increasingly popular. With an ever expanding list of benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more homeowners are going the wireless route.

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