2N is one of the leading manufacturers of Door Entry Intercom Systems. If you like smart gadgets 2N SIP Intercom with its modern design is just right for you. 2N solutions offer maximum comfort and safety to residents  with many advanced features.

2N SIP intercoms offer solutions for various application scenarios with options for Camera, Keypad, Card Readers etc.  The units support flush or surface mount options to suit various installation requirements.

The 2N product range includes the below models

  1. 2N IP Vario –  sleek, stainless steel design with advanced technology.
  2. 2N IP Force – the toughest outdoor unit in the world, IP69 rated.
  3. 2N IP Uni – simple entry level intercom.
  4. 2N IP Base -compact outdoor unit with a simple and fast installation.
  5. 2N IP Verso -is configurable to your needs thanks to its modularity.
  6. 2N IP Verso LTE – with LTE technology & cloud configuration, ideal for retrofit installations.
  7. 2N IP Solo – compact outdoor unit with small footprint
  8. 2N Indoor Touch – video touch screen indoor monitor
  9. 2N Indoor Talk audio indoor monitor

2N IP Verso allows users to add extra modules to address specific needs. It can support upto 30 modules ranging from Bluetooth, RFID readers, Fingerprint Readers, Touch Screen Display, Keypads, Infopanel, Nameplates etc. to name a few.

2N SIP intercoms also support calls to mobiles and tablets via the 2N® Mobile Video cloud service.

Besides the above outdoor and indoor units, 2N also offers a wide range of Intercom accessories like 2N 2Wire Kit, Security Relays, Web Relays etc. 2N also offers Software Licences for unlocking advanced features and applications for integration with 3rd party systems.

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