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    Flat2 Smart Lock with Bluetooth, Keypad, Online options


    FLAT2 Smart lock offers Smartphone App based setup and management system without need for traditional mechanical keys.

    • Opening via Bluetooth, Code and with Ekeys
    • Supports Android 4.3/iOS 7.0 or higher
    • Dimensions: 65 mm wide x 150 mm high
    • Admissible door thickness: 38-52 mm
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    Gateway Online – Bluetooth +Wi-Fi


    Discreet, elegant and functional

    Gateway Online converts Omnitec Bluetooth Access Units and Electronic Locks into online devices.

    With an online connection via wifi, the locks and access units send the recorded events to the cloud, with the owner being able to audit the lock from their smartphone.

    Another convenient function of the Gateway for the owner is remote opening. If a person is outside a Rent&Pass controlled door and does not have access authorisation, the owner can open the lock from their own smartphone.

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    Omnitec Code BLE Electronic Lock with Bluetooth, Keypad, Online

    • Opening of electronic locks via a numerical code and Bluetooth.
    • Configuration, lock event list and emergency opening codes sent from the Administrator’s app.
    • Backlit rubber keypad for easy use in low lighting environments.
    • Guaranteed operation in the most adverse climatological environments. Stainless steel AISI 304 manufactured.
    • Visual and acoustic indicators to facilitate their use by disabled persons, as well as for additional functionalities such as low battery warnings to personnel, privacy indicator, etc.
    • Includes NON-volatile memory which even when batteries are changed, allows the conservation of the openings record, with information of user, date and time.
    • Equipped with real-time clock, which facilitates the management of any of the entries by personnel and guests.
    • Hidden mechanical cylinder, for auditable emergency openings.
    • Recorded emergency opening by means of a mechanical key, numerical code, Bluetooth or proximity tag.
    • Operates with 4 standard AA batteries with duration of up to 20,000 openings.
    • An API and SDK are available for hotels that want to develop their own app.
    • Supported door thickness: 32-65 mm. For other door thicknesses, please consult us.
    • Supports integration with Hotel applications and remote online management with use of Gateways
    • Opera with Android 4.3/iOS 7.0 or higher.
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Showing all 3 results