Window / Counter intercoms are used to provide effective two-way communication through glass windows and protect staff. Holes or gaps in the window are no longer required ensuring there is a complete barrier to direct contact with multiple clients, protecting those working on the staff side from airborne and particulate illnesses.

The best Window / Counter Intercom systems ensure seamless communication and at the same time maintain social distancing and general safe working practices. Where guidelines cannot be followed in-full businesses need to take all actions possible to reduce the risk between their staff and their clients.

Window / Counter Intercoms are ideally suited for secure counters like Banks, Ticket Windows, Hospital Reception, Embassies / Consulates, Information Counters, etc. Our Window / Counter intercoms support the below features to keep staff safe and enhance communication.

  • Full duplex (two-way, dual-way) communication
  • Simple hearing loop integration
  • All connections are on one panel for ease of installation
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Compact, robust design

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