Sometimes running or replacing cables is not cost effective or feasible especially in older apartment buildings. WiFi may also not be an option because of radio interference caused from neighboring networks / devices. The best solution in such circumstances would be a 4G Intercom. They are an ideal retrofit solution for Heritage Buildings, Remote sites and installations where cabling is not feasible or too expensive to install.

4G intercoms also known as Cellular Intercoms make use of the mobile network to communicate with Home / Apartment users by calling landlines or mobile phones. There are 2 types of  cellular intercoms

  1. Intercoms with integrated 4G SIM card module
  2. Intercoms with external 4G SIM card module.

In fact using an external 4G SIM card module enables us to convert any SIP intercom to Cellular Intercom. We can therefore 4G enable any SIP intercom using the external 4G module.

Cellular intercoms use either a Voice SIM card for making Audio calls just like mobile phones. For Video calls a 4G data SIM card  is required alongwith subscription to hosted service like 2N Mobile Video or Akuvox Cloud.

Cellular intercoms allow users to remotely talk to visitors and open gates / doors by entering a code or pressing door open icons on the mobile apps. If the intercom supports video, before you answer you will see an image of the visitor to help you decide whether you wish to answer the call.

Cellular Intercoms perform very well since they are not restricted by any wires / cables thereby eliminating the possibility of any breakdowns caused by cable faults.They also offer easy configuration and management remotely from PCs or Mobile apps. 4G intercoms are therefore an ideal solution for Buildings / sites where cabling is not feasible or too expensive to install.

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