2N-91378401WH Indoor Talk-White

  • Luxury design and materials
  • Modification to your requirements
  • HD quality sound with high volume
  • Do not Disturb Mode
  • Doorbell button support
  • Parental Lock
  • PoE for easy installation
  • Flush mount box available – please browse under accessories
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The design of the 2N-91378401WH Indoor Talk-White answering unit will suit every flat or home. The aesthetic appearance of this product was achieved by using a glass surface and striking backlighting of its icons. However, we placed particular emphasis on selecting the highest-quality audio components in order to achieve a high-quality sound. This means you can talk to visitors outside as if they were standing right next to you. Invite them in and press the icon to open the door from the comfort of your home.

  • Luxury design and materials
    The 2N-91378401WH Indoor Talk-White is not only practical, it’s also an aesthetic addition to your home. Made from glass and other high-quality materials, its thin body protrudes from the wall by just 10mm.
  • Modification to your requirements
    Set the required intensity of icon backlighting, choose your favourite ringtone from the 10 available options, or enjoy some peace and quiet by setting the unit to “Do not disturb” mode.
  • HD quality sound with high volume
    The 2N-91378401WH Indoor Talk-White uses a HD audio codec and innovative speaker output design, which allows it to achieve a high volume and excellent audio clarity.
  • Precision installation box
    The special flush installation box enables you to gently rotate the unit in order to achieve a perfectly horizontal position after the answering unit has been fitted.
  • Concierge call
    Use the 2N-91378401WH Indoor Talk-White to make calls to not only a 2N IP intercom, but to other corresponding answering units in your home, or to reception in your apartment building.
  • Doorbell button support
    You can easily connect the doorbell at the entrance to your flat or home directly to the 2N® Indoor Talk unit.
  • Parental lock
    It’s easy to prevent your children from accidentally letting strangers into your home when playing. Simply press and hold the buttons to activate a parental lock.
  • Calls outside the local network and remote management
    The 2N-91378401WH Indoor Talk-White is part of the My2N cloud, which means that you can also call it from an intercom that is not connected to the same local network. You can also manage the answering unit remotely using the 2N® Remote Configuration service.


2N-91378401WH Indoor Talk Datasheet

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