2N 916032- 2N Access Unit 2.0 with Touch Keypad

  • Capacitive touch technology
  • Regular Automatic Calibration
  • Web interface administration
  • Tamper Protection
  • Security Relay
  • Notification of incorrect pin entry
  • Guaranteed visibility at night
  • Adjustable backlighting brightness
  • Acoustic and Visual Signallig
  • Silent alarm activation

Price quoted is for the Access Unit Mainboard without mounting kit, to order Surface or Flush Mounting kit, please click on 2N IP Access Unit Mounting Kits .

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2N 916032- 2N Access Unit 2.0 with Touch Keypad equipped with a capacitive touch keypad reliably registers and evaluates each touch. After entering the correct access PIN, the unit opens the door. Each user can have their own access code, or several users can share one PIN. The unit is designed for indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Capacitive touch technology
  • Adjustable backlighting brightness
  • Silent alarm activation
Regular Automatic Calibration : With regular automatic calibration, the unit reliably registers and evaluates each touch and prevents detection of unwanted or false touches (e.g. raindrops).
Guaranteed Visibility even at night: Thanks to backlighting with adjustable brightness, visibility of the keypad is ensured even at night or in places with minimal lighting.
Silent Alarm : A unique code can be set on the unit that opens the door, but also triggers another action without warning the intruder, such as setting off an alarm at the building security control centre.
2N® Remote Configuration : Save time and money for onsite support thanks to our free service. Access all your devices remotely via secured cloud connection. Fastest response to your customers requests.
Tamper Protection : 2N 916032- 2N Access Unit 2.0 with Touch Keypad is equipped with a mechanical protective switch. As soon as anyone attempts to damage the unit mechanically, the switch is activated and an alarm is set off.
Notification of incorrect Pin Entry : If anybody enters an invalid PIN code to gain access to the building several times in a row, the 2N® Access Unit Touch Keypad immediately sends notification to the administrator and blocks the keypad.
Security Relay :This simple, additional device prevents interference with the lock connected to the access control unit to prevent unauthorised entry into the building.
Simple Installation : A single ethernet cable, Power over Ethernet, and the option to connect a lock, exit button, or door contact directly to the unit make installation very simple.
Web Interface Administration : Simply connect the access control unit to your LAN and everything can be set up via the intuitive web interface.
Packed with Smart features : 2N 916032- 2N Access Unit 2.0 with Touch Keypad combines the functions of a traditional controller and access keypad, which significantly reduces installation, cabling, and maintenance costs.
Acoustic and Visual Signalling: Each touch on the keypad and evaluation of the entered PIN is signalled acoustically. Acceptance or rejection of the PIN is also signalled visually.

2N Access Unit 2.0 Datasheet

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Weight .5 kg


PoE Switch

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2N Access Unit Datasheet

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