2N Access Unit M 916616 Touch Keypad RFID NFC Ready

  • Convenience of mobile credentials
  • Mullion-style narrow profile for door frame location
  • Different modes of users authentication
  • Web interface administration
  • Straight forward pairing process
  • Time & attendance terminal
  • Remote configuration and management
  • Mobile credentials for FREE
  • Dual format user authentication – RFID & PIN Keypad
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2N Access Unit M 916616 Touch Keypad RFID NFC Ready is the ideal reader for offices. Its controller is built-in and all you need to connect and power the device is a single UTP cable. Thanks to its compact design, you can easily install the unit on a door frame. Choose from several versions – RFID, RFID combined with mobile access via Bluetooth, or RFID with a keypad, which is perfect for projects that require two-factor authentication.

2N Access Unit M 916616 Touch Keypad RFID NFC Ready can read most cards at a frequency of 125Khz / 13.56 MHz. It is suitable for companies which prefer traditional RFID technology. The reader supports NFC technology, so employees who don’t want to wear a card can use their mobile phone to gain access. Administer a unit remotely via the secure web interface or in the 2N® Access Commander software.

    The reader’s slimline design is ideal for installation on the door frame at the entrance to a meeting room. However, it will come in handy wherever you’re short on space.
    With our Bluetooth technology, users need only 0.3 seconds to authenticate. What’s more, this is the securest method of access on the market.
    Don’t worry about looking for a place to put the controller plus save on cabling. Our reader has full smart technology built in. In addition, it works without the need to communicate with a server.
    The glass front panel will be scratch-free even after five years of daily use. With an IP55 protection coverage, you can install the reader outside. Despite all this, the units remain affordable.
    Install the reader in 4 minutes. Drill three holes in the frame, feed through the UTP cable, connect the lock and screw it in place. It couldn’t be any quicker.
    The reader securely communicates with the web interface, with 2N® Access Commander administration software and the 2N® Mobile Key mobile application.

2N Access Unit M 916616 Touch Keypad RFID NFC Ready provides a modern approach alongside a safe and convenient way to unlock doors. The highly sensitive, capacitive touch digital Touch Keypad allows access to offices or apartments via the entered PIN code. Using an RFID card / keyfob (125Khz, 13.56Mhz) or NFC-enabled smart phone, this compact unit provides residents or staff with a secure and convenient contactless door entry solution. Users have the option of entry and organisations/residents can obtain temporary access to the building.

2N Access Unit M Datasheet