91378501 2N Indoor Compact – Black

  • 4.3″ display for video communication with visitors
  • Intuitive controls, even for inexperienced users
  • Designer surface made of tempered glass
  • Configuration via a web interface
  • HD Quality Sound with Noise Suppression
  • Flush Installation Box
  • Display of date and time in sleep mode
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Parental lock activated via code
  • Dedicated lift-call button from the comfort of your apartment
  • Induction loop output for hearing impaired users
  • Switching between video from IP intercom and external IP camera
  • PoE for quick and easy installation
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2N-91378501 Indoor Compact – Black is an indoor answering unit designed especially for the residential market. Installation by connecting a single UTP cable and configuration via a web interface guarantees that integrators can put the unit into operation quickly and easily. Users will be impressed by the 91378501 2N Indoor Compact – Black minimalist design, tempered glass surface, 4.3″ colour display and intuitive controls. A simply elegant solution for video communication.

  • 2N-91378501 Indoor Compact – Black offers Intuitive controls, even for inexperienced users
    Accepting calls, opening doors, displaying missed calls or switching to silent mode has never been easier. Large, colour backlit buttons make the interface intuitive and easy to operate.
  • Designer surface made of tempered glass
    The upper 3mm glass is chemically strengthened at 420°C in a salt bath, providing maximum durability and protecting it from scratches and impacts during everyday household use.
  • Configuration via a web interface
    Setting up all installed units, creating a directory and upgrading firmware can all be performed via the web interface, both from the local network and remotely using the 2N® Remote Configuration service.
  • Connection of the unit in a matter of seconds
    The structured cabling typical in houses today makes it possible to simply plug the 91378501 2N Indoor Compact – Black straight into the system. Powering the device via PoE and communication are ensured immediately.
  • HD quality sound with noise suppression
    The 2N® Indoor Compact offers the perfect experience when communicating with visitors. It uses a G.722 HD audio codec and unique speaker output and system to suppress ambient noise.
  • Switching video between internal and external cameras
    When accepting a call on the 2N-91378501 Indoor Compact – Black, it is possible to switch from the intercom’s camera to video from an external IP camera by the entrance. Make sure that only the person you want to let in enters the building.
  • Special flush installation box
    The installation box for the 2N answering unit allows you to turn it slightly to achieve a straight position for the unit even when inaccurately installed in the wall.
  • Display of date and time in sleep mode
    The 91378501 2N Indoor Compact – Black helps manage time in the household. You can even set and display the current date and time on the 4.3″ colour display.

2N-91378501 Datasheet

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2N Indoor Compact Datasheet

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