Akuvox E16C Video Intercom with Face Recognition, Card Reader, Keypad, QR Codes


  • Visible light facial recognition;
  • Touchless biometric authentication, fever and mask detection;
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against photo and video attacks;
  • 20,000 face capacity & 20,000 card capacity;
  • Face recognition duration less than 0.2s/user, face recognition accuracy rate greater than 99.7%;
  • Allows both audio and video communication to an IP phone, mobile client, or softphone;
  • Multiple verification methods including face, PIN, cards, and QR codes;
  • Stand-alone operation;
  • Configuration via a web browser;
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Akuvox E16C is a budget-friendly face recognition door phone, which offers excellent intercom communication and flexible access control methods like AI-powered face recognition and a mobile app. It is typically used in commercial and residential applications.

The E16C provides a modern, stylish, contactless, and highly secure way to unlock doors or gateways and is ideal for both multi-tenant / multi-dwelling residential apartments, as well as commercial/shared office environments.

The device’s advanced biometric face recognition verification can be further enhanced for touch-free door access with the addition of body temperature detection scanning. Using the optional MD02 thermal scan adapter, the E16 Door Access Unit will scan users’ body temperature prior to allowing access, to ensure they are not displaying fever-like symptoms.
Dual Authentication:
For increased security, the Akuvox E16C can be set to require dual authentication, using a combination of any two of the device’s verification technologies.
Akuvox E16C also supports integration with Akuvox Smart plus Mobile Video Service to enable receiving video intercom calls on mobiles/touch screen monitors.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg


PoE Switch

Electric Strike

RFID Cards / Fobs



Akuvox E16C Datasheet

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