Akuvox Smartplus Intercom App

Akuvox SmartPlus App allows your smartphone to be seamlessly integrated as part of your Door Intercom and Access Control system.

  • Remote Intercom Call Answering & Door Unlocking
  • Remotely monitor your entrance through intercom camera
  • Generate PIN & QR codes for temporary access
  • Contactless Door Entry from your Smartphone

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Akuvox SmartPlus Intercom App for Mobiles integrates your smartphone with intercom and access control systems.

Akuvox is one of the world’s most innovative developers of smart IP Intercom systems for door entry and access control . The Akuvox SmartPlus app ensures that any smart phone can be used as part of the system for remote monitoring, remote communication & door entry – as well as for access credentials and authentication.

  • Increase the Value of Property – Cutting-edge intercom amenities boost your property’s curb appeal.
  • Manage Multi-site Property Access in One Place – Access management, door release logs audit, and system maintenance and upgrade can all be remotely carried out from a web portal.
  • Flexible Property Access Options – Flexible property access using app, facial recognition, Bluetooth, NFC, QR codes, PINs or RFID cards.
  • Easy Integration – Easy to integrate with on-premise building security systems, home automation and access control systems.
  • Supports Standard Phone Calls – Residents without smartphones can still talk to and unlock doors for visitors through a standard phone call.
  • Cost-effective Solution – Smart intercom requires less investment in building’s infrastructure with less wiring needed and lowers on-going maintenance costs thanks to remote management.
  • Monitor Entrances – See what is happening outside by accessing the camera with the touch of a button.

Available for Android and iOS platforms, the Akuvox SmartPlus Intercom App for Mobiles is compatible with all of the Akuvox range of IP intercoms when connected to Akuvox Cloud services.

Akuvox SmartPlus App intercom smartphone integration

All intercom endpoint devices on a connected intercom system i.e. door intercoms, answering panels, IP phones, access control units,etc. can be accessed on the App.

Enhances Living Experience

  • Preview – See who is at the entrance before answering the call
  • Virtual Keys – Issue time-limited QR code keys and guest PINs, and share them with guests
  • Video Calling – See and talk to visitors with live video before buzzing them in remotely
  • Push Notifications –Get instant notification of incoming calls
  • Door Unlocking – Open doors using the “Open Door” button of the app or Bluetooth
  • Door Release Logs – Access to date- and time-stamped photos of door release events
  • Monitor Entrances – See what is happening outside by accessing the camera with the touch of a button