C15P Ceiling SIP Speaker, PoE


C15P – IP Ceiling Speaker for Voice Paging, Notification Alerting & Playing Background Music

  • SIP ceiling speaker 15W rating
  • SIP account for registration with SIP server
  • PoE for easy installation
  • Fire proof metal dome
  • Built in stereo class D amplifier
  • Supports  Multicast streaming
  • Remote web management & maintenance
  • High speed dual core industrial grade processor
  • Dimensions – Dia 200 x 90mm, 1.4kg

C15P SIP ceiling speaker supports easy integration with IP Phone systems and is ideally suited for PA Broadcasts in Schools, Healthcare, Parking Areas, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Public Venues, Transport Hubs etc.

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The C15P SIP ceiling speaker is ideal for indoor applications and can work as standalone or integrate with IP Phone Systems enabling users to make announcements from phones.

Thanks to C15P PoE support you will not need to spend on electrical cables or outlets either.

C15P Ceiling SIP Speaker features

Active Ceiling mount loudspeaker integrated with IP audio decoding, digital amplifier and speaker

Empowered by high-speed dual-core (ARM + DSP) industrial grade chip

Built-in hi-fi linear array speaker with stereo power amplifier of Class-D

Built-in loop detector to remotely monitor the speaker; easy maintenance

With a standard RJ45 interface for both IP signal and POE power supply

Additional information

Weight 2 kg