Fanvil PA3 SIP Paging Gateway


· 2 SIP Lines
· 1 Speaker Interface and 1 Microphone Interface
· 1 Audio in and 1 Audio out Interface
· Support the USB or TF card Connectivity Max to 32G
· 2 Interfaces of Programmable Keys with Indicator Light
· 1 Blue LED Status Indicator Light
· Support PoE (Class 4)
· Support Desktop and Wall-mounted Mode

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Fanvil PA3 SIP Paging Gateway is especially suited for public broadcasting. With HD audio and function-rich interfaces, PA3 can be used for real-time & fixed-time MP3 broadcasting and trigger prerecorded announcements using a button or external devices. Fanvil PA3 is your perfect choice to DIY the integrated broadcasting solution for the campus, shopping mall, railway station, building, etc.

Fanvil SIP Paging Gateway not only supports HD voice quality but can be used as part of a video system link, for example to link IP cameras to your network for HD video calls. The range of interfaces and options makes this a professional, customizable solution for your IP paging system.



Fanvil SIP Paging Gateway Datasheet

Fanvil  SIP Paging Gateway Manual

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