NX H15P IP SIP Horn Speaker, PoE / Adapter

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NX H15P – IP Speaker Horn for Voice Paging, Notification Alerting & Playing Background Music

  • SIP speaker horn 15W with PoE, 20W with power adaptor.
  • SIP account for registration with SIP server
  • PoE for easy installation
  • IP 65 weather proof rating
  • Built in stereo class D amplifier
  • Supports Multicast streaming
  • High speed dual core industrial grade processor
  • Remote web management & maintenance
  • Dimensions: 283.1 x 224 x 269mm, weight 2kg

Netvox NX-H15P SIP speaker horn supports easy integration with IP Phone systems and is ideally suited for PA Broadcasts in Schools, Healthcare, Parking Areas, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Public Venues, Transport Hubs etc.

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NX H15P IP SIP Horn Speaker is IP65 rated for outdoor use, it supports SIP protocol and can integrate with IP Phone systems.

NX H15P IP SIP Horn Speaker features.

Integrated with network audio decoding, digital amplifier
High-speed dual-core (ARM + DSP) industrial grade CHIP, startup in less than 1s
IP65 water-proof, good for both in and outdoor application
Support G711, PCM,MP3 decoding
RJ45 network interface supports remote management

Weight 2.5 kg


PoE Injectors and PoE switch


NX H15P – 15 / 20W SIP Speaker Horn Datasheet


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