Tema AD610 IP to Analog Paging Interface Gateway, PoE


  • Supports Integration of Analog PA to IP Phones & Systems
  • P2P mode operation without IP PBX
  • Integrated PoE
  • SD Memory card for streaming recorded announcements
  • Upto 16 multicast channels
  • Integrated relay remotely controllable via LAN
  • 2nd SIP account for Night Ringer
  • App for mobilephone integration
  • Supports integration with any generic PA amplifier
  • Amplifier failure detection

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  • 600 Ohm transformer voice output for external amplifiers
  • Other internal 2W amplifier output for local speaker
  • External amplifier fault detection circuit
  • General night ringtone repeater (2nd SIP Account)
  • SIP Security Info Call warning / emergency telephone call
  • 1 Remote controlled relay via LAN
  • 16 Multicast channels for Music / Announcements / Messages broadcasting also in high quality with linear 16bit codec up to 44KHz
  • Operation P2P Peer to Peer without a central IP-PBX
  • Audio volumes of the channels with independent adjustment
  • Integrated 802.af PoE , only one UTP cable for connection
  • SD card memory with user-customizable audio files from 16sec each (Option up to 960 minutes – 16 hours of audio )
  • Compatibility with all IP-PBXs of the most prestigious brands including 3CX and Asterisk-based systems
  • Connectable to any type of PA amplifier on the market
  • Extremely small size 74x58x25mm
  • Wall, table and DIN rail mounting


Tema AD610 IP to Analog Paging Interface Gateway adapts a generic PA sound diffusion audio amplifier to a LAN network with IP-PBX SIP switchboard in order to be able to broadcast warning messages from any telephone of the internal network and of any technology. Access can be authorized by a password with a code to be typed before starting the announcement. An internal relay is activated for the entire duration of the announcement to signal the event to the external amplifier. Programming takes place remotely via LAN thanks to the Web server integrated in the device.

2nd SIP Account – Night Call Repeater (SIP Ringer) – AD610 can be registered on the switchboard with a second telephone number, different from the one used for announcements, and inserted in the night ringtone group. When an incoming call arrives, the system plays a sound (customizable by the user) for the warning on all the speakers of the network. The volume can be adjusted independently of the volume from the other managed audio channels.

Amplifier failure detection – AD610 has an input used to detect a fault signal coming from the amplifier, in which case it makes a SIP call to a programmed number and informs with a special pre-recorded message of the event. The signal can be repeated a programmable number of times, the operator can interrupt the sequence with a keyboard code.

Automatic announcements at set times -Announcements can be programmed at scheduled times, either on the local speaker or streamed to other devices.

Total Remote Management via LAN, integrated Web Server – Programming, configuration, uploading and listening of audio files, replacing the firmware release, adjusting audio volumes, backing up and restoring the configuration, restarting the device.

Multicast audio streaming, music and announcements – AD610 manages up to 16 Multicast channels at different priority levels and volumes to allow the diffusion of music on the loudspeaker network. The generation of streaming music programs can be managed from a PC on the LAN / WAN network with specific software or with a Theme Encoder. A priority Multicast channel can be reserved for a general call from a microphone or a SIP-ready telephone.

“SIP Security Info Call” service – Emergency SIP call – By connecting a button or an external contact, the AD610 can call a telephone number programmed to notify the event with a specific warning message. It is a security service for emergency situations or a simple request for help and information.


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