Tema AD612 – IP/SIP Paging adapter with 2 x 20W Amplifier


  • 2x20W max outputs for passive external speakers
  • Night ringer (2nd SIP account)
  • SIP Security Info Call Alert/Emergency Phone Call
  • 1 relay remotely controllable via LAN
  • 16 Multicast Channels for Music/Ads/Messages diffusion also in High Audio Quality with 16bit linear codec up to 44KHz
  • P2P (Peer to Peer) operation without IP-PBX
  • Audio Volumes with independent regulation of the channels
  • 802.af integrated PoE, a single UTP cable for connection
  • SD Memory with user-customizable audio file from each 16sec (Option up to 960 min – 16 hours of audio)
  • Compatibility with all IP-PBX of the most prestigious brands including 3CX and Asterisk-based systems
  • Can be connected to any type of PA amplifier on the market
  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Wall mounting, table and DIN rail
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Tema AD612 IP/ SIP Audio amplifier supports integration of PA paging systems in a standard LAN network by seamlessly integrating with SIP-PBX  in order to be able to broadcast messages from any phone on the internal network .  The unit also supports Multicast  for streaming music or scheduling broadcasts over groups or the entire network. Access can be authorized by password code to be entered before the start of the announcement.

Tema AD612 IP/ SIP Audio amplifier extremely compact, is internally equipped with a 2-channel class “D” audio amplifier that has a maximum output power of 2x20W (AD612). The 2 outputs to the 8 Ohm external passive loudspeakers are protected from short circuiting of the cables, even permanent, making the devices extremely robust and suitable even in heavy and difficult environments.

Tema AD612 Audio Amplifier IP SIP PoE 40W (2x20W) and Multifunctional Interface, 2 audio outputs for passive speakers 8 Ohm 40W total, 1 relay, 1 alarm input, 2nd SIP accounts for Night call repeater, “SIP Security Info Call” service from external contact.

Note: over 10W it is mandatory to use the AA-39E3 Power Supply (30W) or AA-39E6 (60W)

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