Tema AD615/S Analog to IP Audio Encoder, PoE


  • Supports G711 and G722 wideband codecs
  • PoE or 12V DC power supply
  • 3.5mm Jack for analog audio source input
  • Web interface for programming
  • External Mic connector
  • Can connect multiple units on same LAN segment

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Tema AD615/S  Audio Encoder converts an analog audio signal from any external source into a digital audio streaming in Multicast channels for the distribution of the audio signal via LAN. AD615 / S is ideal for generating background music on the LAN in any environment (offices, factories, public places and outdoors) with the possibility of making announcements of information in the same environments.

The device can be connected to FM radio tuners, CD-DVD players, MP3 players, smartphones and tablets, audio output from the PC’s Sound blaster card, etc. to convert analog audio into a digital audio stream. AD615 / S also has an input to connect an external microphone with which it is possible to launch an announcement in general Multicast call on all TEMA devices, amplifiers and IP speakers connected in the network.

Audio Streaming Codec – AD615 / S offers the possibility to choose the most suitable Codec according to the required audio quality and LAN band occupation. The following codecs are available: G711, G722, Linear from 16KHz to 44KHz for maximum audio quality.

Programming – Programming takes place remotely thanks to the integrated Web server with security password.

Multiple Application
It is possible to connect several Tema AD615/S Analog to IP Audio Encoder devices to the network, each of which transmits an audio stream on a channel identified by a specific Multicast address, in this way the playback terminals equipped with 16 Multicast channels in reception, can tune in to musical content different according to the needs of the environments to be soundproofed. The information announcements launched by the microphone can reach all terminals simultaneously or, optionally, only part of them. There are no limits on the number of devices that can be inserted in the LAN.

Tema AD615/S Analog to IP Audio Encoder is ideally suited for streaming music over Paging and PA networks in Schools, Warehouses, Hospitals, Aged Care Homes etc.

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