2.4GHz Point to Point Wireless Bridge Kit – Wi-Fi enables wired devices


High Speed Point-to-Point Bridge works as virtual Ethernet cable to Wi-Fi enable any wired Intercom / Camera / Speaker / Phone.

  • Forget Ethernet cable, the Ubiquiti NanoStation LOCO is ideal for bridging networks or sharing broadband between buildings
  • To install, place the units at either end of the network and connect both to Ethernet cables – for example, connect the first unit into your modem at location one, and connect the second into an Ethernet switch or WiFi access point at the other location
  • Face both units so they point towards each other and the link is established. Simple!
  • This is a transparent data-link layer bridge, not a routed bridge – this means that you are creating a virtual ethernet cable between the two facilities, making network setup incredibly simple – no routing configuration, all protocols (DHCP, DNS, etc) just work
  • Management of the Ubquiti device couldn’t be easier with SSH and SNMP protocol support, as well as a very intuitive HTTP interface.
  • Connect two remote locations on the one network
  • Share Internet connection between buildings, remote sites, etc.
  • Up to 200mW output power, 2×2 MIMO operation, 100Mbps
  • Integrated AirOS web software for controlling power, bridge/AP mode, etc.
  • Includes POE injector and 240V AC adaptor
  • Two units required for wireless Point to Point bridge.

Surge protection should be used for all outdoor installations. Ubiquiti recommend that you use two Ethernet Surge Protectors – model ETH-SP – place one near the NanoStation and the other at the entry point to the building. The ETH-SP will absorb power surges and safely discharge them into the ground.


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