Escene PS760 SIP Speaker, Ceiling Mount, Integrated Mic, PoE


SIP Paging  Speaker / Ringer with integrated Mic

  • HD Voice, Full duplex talking, Auto-AEC.
  • 13W speaker.
  • Supports G722, G711, G726 and G729 Codecs.
  • Steel Mesh Cover to protect speaker.
  • Supports 20 paging groups.
  • LEDs and function keys embedded design.
  • Supports VAD, CNG, AEC, AGC audio processing.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • PoE power supply (802.3af / at).
  • Can be configured as a loud Ringer/ Alerter.
  • Supports remote web management and maintenance.

ES 760P supports easy integration with IP Phone systems and is ideally suited for PA Broadcasts in Schools, Healthcare, Parking Areas, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Public Venues, Transport Hubs etc.

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Escene PS760 SIP Speaker supports HD Voice and is a new generation of SIP speaker. The Paging functions setting of the device is more user-friendly than previous devices. The incidental tools and functions of this product will make Paging easier to manage, notify, expand, and monitor.It’s well-designed and elegant color (white) make it more beautiful and more suitable for installation on most of the ceiling without any influence. It has HD voice and the speaker can reach up to 13W. It is more suitable for public broadcasting projects e.g. schools, hospitals, stadiums, hotels, shopping malls, commercial buildings, venues, theaters, government buildings.

Escene PS760 SIP Speaker comes with an integrated Microphone and also an external 3.5mm interface to connect an external microphone. Integrated microphone is useful for 2 way communications for classroom applications , it can also be used for audio monitoring.

● HD Voice, Full duplex talking, Auto-AEC.
● 13W speaker.
● LEDs and function keys embedded design.
● Built-in microphone and external 3.5mm microphone interface can be switched freely.
● PoE power supply (802.3af / at).

Escene PS 760 SIP Speaker Product Features
● 3 PBX accounts.
● Support up to 20 groups paging functions.
● LEDs and function keys embedded design, LEDs reflects the device work status, function keys can be used to adjust the volume, broadcast IP and one key to reset to Factory Defaults.
● Built-in microphone and external 3.5mm microphone interface can be switched freely.
● Support remote web management and maintenance, such as account maintenance, software upgrades, volume control and so on.
● POE power supply (802.3af/at).

Escene PS 760 SIP Speaker Audio features
Wideband encoding: G.722;
Narrow band encoding:G.711μ/A, G723.1, G726, G.729AB,iLBC;
Support VAD, CNG, AEC, AGC etc. audio processing;
Full duplex speaker, with automatic echo elimination (AEC).

Physical properties
One RJ-45 10/100M Ethernet interfaces(LAN),

Speaker Output:13Watts;
Power :DC 12V/1A;

Additional information

Weight 2 kg