Tema AD639R SIP Loud Ringer Alerter


  • Operates as a SIP Ringer Alerter
  • Alarm Signal with telephone notification
  • Visual Alert Signalling via optional Flashing Light
  • Customise ring tones / music by loading files
  • Can be used as a PA speaker for announcements
  • Easy installation with integrated PoE
  • Integrated input and web relay options
  • Wall mount with adjustable angle bracket
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Tema AD639R SIP Loud Ringer Alerter in an IP56 protected container, is part of a series of TEMA loudspeakers to be connected to a standard LAN network and is particularly suitable as a SIP repeater / ringer for incoming telephone calls . With considerable adjustable sound power, the device is activated when an incoming call arrives and emits tones or audio files pre-recorded in its memory that can be easily replaced, as needed, via web browser. Several remotely loadable ringtone and alert files are provided with the system.

Tema AD639R SIP Loud Ringer Alerter is equipped with an auxiliary input for an external command, for example the entrance bell, to signal the visitor with a different sound from that of the telephone call. It also integrates 2 programmable relays to activate external warning lights or activate other devices.

The system can be equipped with a multicolored LED indicator light to add an optical signal to the acoustic sound. Alternatively, various optical devices are available, including Xenon Flash detectors, which can be directly driven by the AD639R device.

The installation simply consists in connecting the AD639R in the LAN network and registering it on an IP-PBX in the “Night” group. The power supply can be supplied on the same UTP network cable from a PoE switch, or from an external 230Vac power supply from the Tema catalog, in this case the sound power will be greater. The AD639R integrates perfectly with VoIP telephone systems (IP-PBX) with SIP protocol and can be registered as a VoIP endpoint or with Peer to peer functionality.

Tema AD639R SIP Loud Ringer Alerter Datasheet